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This event should also have a social aspect to it. That is why the company Dopravní stavby Brno will donate CZK 50,000. Additi­onally, the company will donate CZK 1 into the same account for every “person-kilometre” you walk.

The total sum will then be donated to a specific beneficial purpose – one third of the amount will go to Home Olga in Blansko (Home for our mentally challenged fellow-citizens), another third will go to the Specialist Medical Centre Albertinum in Zamberk (specializes in airway diseases and mental diseases, and provides follow-up and long term hospital care), and the last third will go to the Vrba charitable foundation (provides practical help and support to widowed families with children through a foundation Koruna pro Vrbu). If the total amount exceeds CZK 60,000, that is CZK 20,000 for each of the above-mentioned organizations, DS Brno company will donate money to another charity organization which we can choose together (thank you in advance for your ideas and suggestions).