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How and when can I join?

Go for a walk to a location of your choice on 29th Dec. 2020! If you are intrigued by this idea, but you can’t go for a walk on 29th December, go on a different day between 20th Dec. 2020 and 3rd Jan. 2021.
Subsequently, remember to enter your “performance” into our form on the website through the following link.

Why shall we go for the walk?

We will be together in the fresh air, and moreover, we will be very active! We will get inspired for our new roves in the country (we will create a photo book from interesting, creative and inspirational photos.) And what is more – we will help people for whom, in many aspects, the Sun does not shine the same way as for us.

In how many people can we go for the walk?

We kindly recommend six participants per group maximum with regard to the current difficult situation.

What is the difference between an unplanned and a completed walk?

You may fill the goal of your walk and the planned number of kilometres in the form in advance as a motivation for other interested participants who are considering going for a walk as well. After completing your walk, remember to enter the real number of kilometres and the number of participants into the form as a completed walk, because these final data are crucial for our final results. It will be nice to see whether the reality outdid the original plans.

Do I have to register anywhere?

Your participation can be fully anonymous. In the card where you fill in your walk, you can only write your nickname, we do not collect any information about you. It is ok if you decide to write more information about yourself and your walk. It is possible to upload your travel photos and also fill in a longer description of your walk into the notes.

Is the length or the location of the walk somehow limited?

The length of the walk is entirely up to your preferences and possibilities. You are also not limited in the matter of location. By the way, the borders of the Czech Republic are not an obstacle. We look forward to our foreign friends.

When and how will I learn the final results of the event?

You will find the results of all completed walks on this website and also on our “Facebook” and “Instagram” on Monday 11th January 2021. We will be happy if the highest possible number of participants will join this event. Then, our donation to the selected organizations will also be the highest possible.

If you like the idea, please share it with others.

Vlastík Chládek