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Happy holiday evening,
I am adding some information about e-vychazka. Although the original deadline was 3rd January, our team just doesn't want to shut such pleasant project down. Moreover, the epidemic is not over, all places are closed, and so the subtitle „In spite of covid“ is still relevant. And what else can be more pleasant and healthier than active exercising in the fresh air at this time? (in compliance with reasonable safety rules, of course). But I must admit that there are two other reasons why I would like to extend the deadline until 30th January. One relates to all of us and the other is more personal – mine. The first reason – with our walks we can join the Three Kings' journey, and with our kilometers we can support not only our health, but also a charitable idea of the Three Kings – Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar. And my personal reason? My friends sometimes ask me, „What should we buy you for your birthday?“. Well, I'll make it easier for them this year. "Give me a precious gift you can't buy. Give me a gold spider web necklace, woven from your beautiful walks. It will keep me warm on our website forever.

Have a nice evening, Vlastík